Tracy Metz's Biennale

Model for Gathering Place, by Toyo Ito

Roving reporter Tracy Metz (LF 2007) tours the Biennale and posts her incisive reflections on her blog.

In “Architecture's mea culpa” Metz observes that the social conscience of the Biennale has matured. But even as she acknowledges the creativity possible within a socially responsive mission – as in the U.S. pavilion’s micro-urbanism exhibits - she looks for transcendent experiences of aesthetic grandeur and beauty.

Her second post, “Rebuilding after the tsumami,” visits the Japanese pavilion, recalling the heartbreaking consequences of the 2011 tsunami. It also showcases the valiant attempts by architects Sanaa and Toyo Ito to recover from the devastation the essentials of their discipline and of human connection.

Chairbombing in San FranciscoChairbombing, yarnbombing and do-it-yourself bike lanes are among the innovations featured in the U.S. pavilion’s “Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good,” the subject of Metz’s post, “Micro-urbanism the American way.” She browses the pavilion, which won special mention by the Biennale jury, and finds the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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