Tracy Metz Awarded Groeneveld Prize

Groeneveld Castle

When journalist and writer Tracy Metz (LF 2007) gives the yearly Groeneveld Foundation lecture on January 31st, she will also accept the 2012 Groeneveld prize for her unique and critical contribution to the debate about the natural environment.

The Foundation says, "Tracy Metz has a voice of her own. The relationship between people and their surroundings, both built and natural, is one of her most important themes. Her subjects range from architecture, urbanism and mobility to nature and landscape. With the eye of the well-informed outsider she looks at the decisions the Dutch make about how they use their limited space, and what those decisions say about the relationship between the use of space and the Dutch culture. In expressing her wonderment she holds a mirror up to the Dutch and makes us see the surprising in the ordinary.”

The Foundation has undertaken to make present and future generations aware of the social significance of the landscape and the countryside and to foster discussion about the various uses of the rural area. Metz writes for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad and the weekly magazine De Groene Amsterdammer, and is an international correspondent for Architectural Record. She was a member of the Delta Commission, which advised government about water safety in the coming centuries, and is co- author with Maartje van den Heuvel of Sweet&Salt: Water and the Dutch, which appeared in 2012.

Fellowship Year: 2007
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