Tim Samuelson has the Wright Stuff

Design for the Milwaukee Public Library and Museum, 1893 (not executed)

Milwaukee Public Library and Museum, 1893 (not executed)

Tim Samuelson (LF 1990), Chicago’s cultural historian, digs into Frank Lloyd Wright’s early work and finds the roots of the architect’s future greatness. Samuelson’s wife Barbara Koenen sent a dispatch about the exhibit he curated at Expo 72 gallery.

"He comes to Chicago, idealistic at age 19. He has little experience - just brief schooling at the University of Wisconsin. He came from a staunch Unitarian family on his mom's side - they believed in powerful creative expression. His family experimented with different educational methods. 

"Tim has curated a new exposition about Frank Lloyd Wright's early years, when he signed his drawings 'Frank L. Wright.' Wright's Roots can be seen in Expo 72, the gallery at 72 E. Randolph Street, across from the Chicago Cultural Center, through September 30. It is open every day and admission is free.

""I visited some of these buildings while they were still standing. And if you haven't experienced the actual building, you don't know it. It's a challenge to recreate this sense. His buildings are modern, vital, useful, and appeal to the human senses of light, motion and space.'

"Tim worked with architect John Vinci on the gallery design and Chris Ware on the graphics. 'I never find architecture exhibits very successful or satisfying because you don't get a sense of the buildings. Thus, we made the images very large. We've positioned the gallery walls so you go around the corner and suddenly - you encounter a building. We have actual fragments. In my exhibits, you can touch these pieces; in a typical exhibit, you don't because you're supposed to protect the artifact.'

"Chicago Tribune critic Blair Kamin wrote a thoughtful review and WTTW's Chicago Tonite did a segment and interview you can see here.

"We hope you have a chance to see the exhibit yourself. Enjoy!"

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  1. Jim Blake says:

    Frank Lloyd Wright hit the ground running.

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