Take a Break to Rake–Nov. 20

Take a Break to Rake–Nov. 20

Arif Khan, current Loeb and "dean" of collaborative activities, has an invitation for everyone seeking to connect with his or her inner child. Call it exercise, call it play, call it an opportunity to meet some new people, call it whatever you want, BUT COME JOIN THE FUN! 

Harvard's First-Ever People-Powered Rake-In: November 20th, 2-5pm, Harvard Yard

There will be rakes, music, scarecrow-making-materials, snacks, and a physical trainer (if you are up for some advanced raking)! You supply your best leaf-raking skills and your friendly self.

Side Benefits of Raking: 
Stress-relief... and less climate change! This is one simple way to reduce the use of leaf-blowers. That means less fossil fuels, reduced noise pollution, reduced carbon emissions, and fewer harmful particulates in the air.

Bring your friends from your house, your department or club. If you bring a group of 5 or more rakers, we will laser-cut your group's name onto a leaf. Sign up here.

Follow the event on Facebook for updates on some semi-spontaneous activities leading up to November 20th. Ever tried a combination of Zumba and raking? Stay tuned.

Special thanks to Campus Services, Harvard Office for Sustainability, Terra Cura Inc., ParadiseGSD, and the Harvard Arnold Arboretum for their support and cooperation.

Event Contact Info:

Arif Khan, akhan@gsd.harvard.edu
Eva Leung, eva.leung@terracura.org 

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