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Amsterdam Worldwide First: A Cycling Mayor

Tracy Metz (LF '07) reports on how cities are taking cycling seriously, with Amsterdam setting the pace. Urban cycling is all the rage in cities nowadays. For tourists it’s a fun way of seeing the city, for locals in cities … read more

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Ian Lockwood’s Humor Weapon

We learned that Streetsblog has a new contributor from the Loeb class of 2012: “Transportation engineer Ian Lockwood is not only a leading voice within the profession for safer, multi-modal streets, he’s also an amateur cartoonist known for skewering the absurdity … read more

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Landscape Architecture in Latin America: Unpacking Theory, Practice, and Agency

Ana María Durán (LF ’11) will be one of the featured speakers

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Are You Portland’s Next Parks and Nature Leader? Apply by 4/21

Across the greater Portland, Oregon, area, the Metro Council oversees 17,000 acres of public land. Metro is seeking to hire a Parks and Nature Director to manage Portland’s network of parks, trails, and natural areas.

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Matthew Kiefer on Planning in the New Millennium

Matthew Kiefer (LF ’96) celebrates the end of urban planning “as we knew it” in a recent opinion piece in the Boston Globe. He hails new strategies–like planned incrementalism, value capture, public-private partnerships, and harnessing market forces–that lead to more livable, more … read more

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Putting the Public in Public Parks

When Charles McKinney (LF ’94) and the NYC Parks Department opened the door to other people's ideas in Riverside Park, they learned that neighbors were very motivated when they were implementing their own plans. The trick was to shape the … read more

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Kolu Zigbi in the Spotlight

Perhaps it’s because inequities in the food system are a hot topic at the moment, but the work of Kolu Zigbi (LF ’15) is receiving well deserved attention as she advances toward systemic change, one urban garden or farmers market … read more

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Meet the 2016-17 Loeb Fellows: Emi Kiyota

Emi Kiyota reminds us that elders are resources and assets, and that the one thing we all have in common is getting old.

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Meet the 2016-17 Loeb Fellows: Pallavi Mande

Pallavi Mande was raised in a culture that is intertwined with water, and she's come full circle to advocate for protecting our water resources.

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Gil Kelley Heading to Vancouver

Gil Kelley (LF ’10) is on the move again. The City of Vancouver has announced his appointment as chief planner and general manager of the newly created department of Planning, Urban Design, and Sustainability. The City of Vancouver website has … read more

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