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Karen Abrams on the Problem with Placemaking

Karen Abrams (LF ’17) finds the concept of placemaking has a disturbing resonance with the worst excesses of colonialism: an erasure of the presence and culture of the indigenous population. She contemplates recent developments in Harlem and makes her argument … read more

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Barrier Removal in the Tenderloin

During the 2016 Bay Area Study Tour, journalist Clair Enlow (LF '02) toured San Francisco’s Tenderloin District with a mobile workshop and a knowledgeable guide, and learned how intentional planning strategies have ensured that this diverse neighborhood has remained one … read more

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Deidre Schmidt’s Affordability Ingenuity

As in many areas of the country, affordable housing options are narrowing in the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul as investors increasingly are marketing properties to affluent customers. Given the prevailing market forces and complexities of government … read more

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Legacy Cities Update

Since the "Legacy City Design: Bruner Loeb Forum 2013" last November we've continued to track thinking and advances in the field through publications like the American Assembly’s Legacy Cities Blog. In a recent article,Todd Swanstrom shares his research on changing neighborhoods in … read more

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