Strong Loeb Showing in ASLA Honor Roll

Strong Loeb Showing in ASLA Honor Roll

Partners-in-life Susan Chin (LF ’00) and Charles McKinney (LF ’94) now also share elite status as American Society of Landscape Architects 2015 honors recipients. They’re not the only Loebs or FoLs (friends of Loebs) on the list; Susan Rademacher (LF ’87) of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and Charles Waldheim (GSD professor of Landscape Architecture) are also 2015 honorary members, and Carl Steinitz (GSD professor emeritus) received the Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal. But it was Chin who took the perfecta: in addition to her honorary membership, her Design Trust for Public Space was awarded the Olmsted medal for environmental leadership, vision, and stewardship of public space in New York and beyond.

See the entire list of ASLA winners.

Diagram of Rain Garden by Meliora, courtesy of Design Trust for Public Space
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