State of Practice: Public Interest Design

State of Practice: Public Interest Design

Designers committed to Public Interest Design have overcome significant obstacles to “convince their peers that this work is a central obligation of architects and a chance for innovative work,” and convince potential clients of design’s relevance. As an article in Harvard Magazine makes clear, Loebs have been at the forefront of the movement, from John Peterson (LF ’06) and Public Architecture, Maurice Cox (LF ’05) at Tulane City Center and Bryan Bell (LF ’11) and the Structures for Inclusion Conference–among many others–to the Loeb-spawned SEED Evaluator.

Read “Good Design” in Harvard Magazine.

The next Structures for Inclusion Conference is coming up April 11 and 12 in Detroit. Learn more and register.

Photo of Scrap House by Cesar Rubio Photography, © Public Architecture
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