Shahira Fahmy Responds to Diane Singerman

Diane Singerman (associate professor in the School of Public Affairs at American University) was recently at the GSD to talk about Tadamun: The Cairo Urban Solidarity Initiative, which she co-founded following Egypt’s 2011 revolution. Tadamun is working to reform prevailing urban development practices and local governance in Egypt to be inclusive, transparent, and just and to forge a direct link between urban and environmental rights with democracy and citizenship.  Loeb Fellow Shahira Fahmy, a Cairo native and respondent to the lecture, emphasizes the need for Tadamun, since cronyism and elitism continue to abridge the rights and participation of ordinary citizens and especially residents of informal settlements. She called the organization, “one of the earliest initiatives to make things visible with a database about the urban realities of Cairo.”

Learn more or watch the video of Singerman’s lecture.

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