Room with a View (of the National Mall)

James V. Forrestal building, an example of the Brutalist architectural style.

James V. Forrestal building, an example of the Brutalist architectural style. Photo: U.S. Department of Energy

A great location in Washington D.C. hasn’t always meant great architecture, great development concept or great public benefit. But according to Marcel Acosta, (LF 2001) and Harriet Tregoning (LF 2004), the redevelopment of a parcel dubbed "Federal Triangle South” near the National Mall presents an opportunity to get it right and increase vitality in the heart of the District.

The boring federal buildings on the 22 acre parcel are underutilized or soon-to-be abandoned.   In a recent Washington Post article, Jonathan O'Connell describes the National Capital Planning Commission’s years of advocacy to renovate the area, which by the way would make for more efficient energy and water use in the public buildings.  

"From our standpoint it’s a great opportunity to transform this area between the National Mall and the Southwest Waterfront,” said Acosta, NCPC executive director. His vision for mixed use that includes housing is shared by Tregoning , planning director for D.C. "There absolutely should be housing there. It’s a great opportunity to create a live-where-you-work community,” she said. Read more about the planning for Federal Triangle South in the Washington Post.

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  1. Caroline James Caroline James says:

    I agree that there needs to be a re-imagining of SW DC. But will it come in the form of yet another large-scale planning proposal, or more a series of small-scale interventions, forms of “urban acupuncture?”

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