(Re)Making Urban Industry

Design Trust workshop

Susan Chin (LF 2000) and Robert Lane (LF 2009) teamed up on the recently released "Making Midtown: A New Vision for a 21st Century Garment District in New York City.”  This report of the Design Trust for Public Space in partnership with Council of Fashion Designers of America outlines policy and urban design recommendations for NYC’s famed Garment District, the heart of the fashion industry. Chin became executive director of the Design Trust in October 2011 (see our earlier blog post). Lane was selected in September 2011 as one of four Design Trust fellows to lead this significant project. 

There have been huge declines in manufacturing over the last decade and enormous real estate pressure in midtown Manhattan. Nonetheless employment has stabilized around the types of high-value-added industrial activities that thrive in the agglomeration of dense urban locations when creative talent in the design and manufacturing sectors comes together.  The report has added to the renewed interest across the country in "Made in USA” and urban manufacturing, as is evident in the proliferation of so-called "innovation districts.”  

Read the full report.

Fellowship Year: 2000, 2009
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