Real Estate Disruption and Innovation

Real Estate Disruption and Innovation

Innovation in Practice: The 2015 Harvard Journal of Real Estate has just launched, and given the topic, it’s natural that Loebs would make a prominent showing in the issue.

In “Designing Affordability: Developing New Ecosystems for Equitable Housing Provision,” Marc Norman (LF ’15) surveys historical precedents and current models for creative responses to housing crises, arguing for the necessity of thinking about solutions as “ecosystems.” He writes, “By incorporating innovations in policy, finance, construction, and design we can identify possibilities that can scale up to become an array of models for addressing the crisis.”

In response to Eli Sokol’s article, “Fixed-Floating Development: Charting a New Course for Water-Based Real Estate,” Thaddeus Pawlowski (LF ’15) contributes to the discourse by imagining the Amsterdam project Sokol cites as it might be implemented in an American coastal context. Pawlowski raises questions that need to be addressed–about density, financing, public benefit, public infrastructure and ecological impact–since, he writes, “I am confident there are floating homes in our future, because we are running out of land in the cities where people most want to live.”

Jane Philbrick (MDes candidate and co-author of “India Journal: Critical Conservation Reports” in the LOEBlog) cites the examples of Rick Lowe (LF ’02) and Theaster Gates (LF ’11) in “The Artist Developer.”

Andrew Howard (LF ’15) offers tactical urbanism as the antidote to urban planning dysfunction in “The Disruptive City.” In his response, Baye Adofo-Wilson (LF ’14), now Newark’s deputy mayor and director of Economic and Housing Development, places Howard’s Better Block model “on the continuum of models empowering residents, changing neighborhoods, and breathing life into dying places.”

The Harvard Journal of Real Estate is a collaboration of the Harvard Real Estate Academic Initiative with the Harvard Student Real Estate Consortium, connecting the wealth of talent and interest in real estate across Harvard College, HBS, HKS, HLS and the GSD.

Read Innovation in Practice.

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