Public Art Can't Get No Respect

Green Acres, by Athena Tasha

It's a historic public landscape sculpture, a beautiful tribute to New Jersey and its Department of Environmental Protection and a soothing oasis for government workers and the public. Something to be treasured and preserved, right? Wrong.  Writers Inga Saffron (LF 2012) and Charles Birnbaum (LF 1998) both decry the destruction of Green Acres, Athena Tacha’s important artwork.

Read Inga Saffron’s “Changing Skyline: Without review, NJ DEP plans to dump a commissioned work of art” in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Read Charles Birnbaum’s “New Jersey’s ‘Done Deal’: Destroying a Historic Resource with False Choices” in The Cultural Landscape Foundation blog.

Photo courtesy of Athena Tacha and The Cultural Landscape Foundation

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