Photo Essay: Field trip to Exeter Library

On our way back from this year’s fall retreat, five current Loeb fellows took a detour to Exeter, New Hampshire to look at Louis Kahn’s Class of 1945 Library, completed in 1971. Several members of this year’s class have first-hand experience of other Kahn buildings. Matt Nohn lived in Kahn’s housing at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, India. Arana Hankin worked to facilitate the long-delayed construction of Kahn’s Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island. And Alexandra Lange first learned about architecture down the street from Kahn’s Center for British Art and Yale University Art Gallery. The library seemed well-preserved and well-used; Kahn’s Elm Street Dining Hall (1972) next door is still in use, but has been the subject of discussions about demolition and replacement.

The photos above tell the story of our field trip.

Learn more about the Class of 1945 Library, the Elm Street Dining Hall and the question of tearing it down.

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