Peace Camp Lights Up the UK for the Olympics

Peace Camp at Massenden Temple and Downhill BeachIncoming Loeb Fellow Helen Marriage and her company Artichoke Trust made a splash during the London 2012 Festival held in celebration of the Olympic Games.  Artichoke commissioned theater director Deborah Warner and actress Fiona Shaw to create Peace Camp, one of the most ambitious art installations of the festival.

Peace Camp took place over 4 nights in 8 remote and dramatic locations on the British coastline. 1000 tents were installed and illuminated, with a soundscape that included love poems read by actors from all over the country. The soundscape was created by Mel Mercier, with sound design by John Del' Nero. The glowing tents "looked like a refugee camp in heaven,” wrote New York Times ArtsBeat reporter Roslyn Sulcas.  "[T]here is quite possibly also a stronger political idea here, as Britain and the rest of Europe grapple with punctured economies, migrating populations and difficult, competing ideas about what sort of future is to be shared."

Since 2006, Artichoke has been working with artists to create large-scale events in public spaces, designed to appeal to the widest possible audience. Artichoke’s inaugural event, “The Sultan’s Elephant,” attracted 1 million people by some estimates. Learn more about Artichoke’s events

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