Pamela Hawkes's Excellent Adventure

Portugese fish marektPamela Hawkes (LF 1998) sent a digital message in a bottle recently about how she went to sea:

"After 26 years with Ann Beha Architects, I’ve started a new chapter in life. A year of looking and drawing, listening and writing, exploring the world and giving back to it with husband and fellow architect, Scott Teas.

"My time with ABA brought unimagined opportunities, working with wonderful people on significant sites as close as the Northeast and as distant as LA and Pakistan. I know that Ann, Tom Hotaling, Phil Chen and the talented ABA studio will continue to create beautiful and intelligent work in the future—and I will always be one of their most ardent fans!

"What’s next? We have just arrived in Portugal  after sailing from Portland via the Azores in our 46 foot sloop, Scattergood. Our four crew members will leave shortly, and we’ll cruise on our own through the Mediterranean, reaching Turkey in December. With the start of 2013, we will be contributing our skills and exploring new cultures with Africa Schoolhouse in Tanzania.

Pamela Hawkes"No, it’s NOT retirement! Scott and I look forward to crafting a new design and planning paradigm when we return to Portland, Maine in the summer of 2013.  Until then, we will be in touch via our blog"


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