Mobility in Mexico: Spring study tour journal

Each spring the Loeb Fellows embark on an international study tour to exchange ideas with professionals and leaders in other countries. This year the Loebs traveled with a studio led by Diane Davis, Jose CastilloHousing in Merida Yucatan: the urban and the territorialLiliana Cazacu and Neha Bhatt capture their experiences in a photo essay. 

This year’s international study tour brought the Loeb Fellows and Graduate School of Design students together in Mexico City and the Yucatan Peninsula. Our group met with planners and designers. We talked to local elected leaders. We visited housing projects and homes of people who generously opened their doors to our sizable group. We visited small towns and talked to locals about their everyday lives. We enjoyed a behind the scenes VIP tour from the architect of a state of the art green office tower. We walked through centuries-old ruins of great Mayan cities.

Throughout the busy itinerary, we witnessed the substantial challenges, opportunities, and achievements  of this amazing and complex country. There is plenty to talk about, but pictures say more than words.

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