Meet the Rudy Bruner Award Winners

Rudy Bruner Award medalists benchmark urban excellence at all scales, in all kinds of settings, with all types of projects, and the recent 2013 winners typify this diversity. Inspiration Kitchens-Garfield Park in Chicago, the grand prize winner, is a restaurant that provides free meals to the working poor and market-rate meals to the public along with foodservice training and catering. The runners-up include the Congo Street Initiative, which rebuilt 5 homes and constructed a 6th to stabilize a community in East Dallas, and the Louisville Waterfront Park, which reconnects the city with the Ohio River. They also include the Steel Yard, an arts community in Providence, and Villa Verde, 222 units of affordable housing in the Bronx. The Metropolis POV blog has the whole story.

Photos courtesy of Rudy Bruner Foundation
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