Loebs Weigh in on Housing Reform in Indonesia

Loebs Weigh in on Housing Reform in Indonesia

A recently released report “Indonesia: A Roadmap for Housing Reform,” prominently features two Loebs among its contributors. Deidre Schmidt (LF ’08) was recruited by the World Bank, which coordinated the report for the government of Indonesia, to be the point person on public housing. She drew in her long-time collaborator Matt Nohn (LF ’14) to take the lead on incremental housing.

The report emphasizes the need and means to improve housing for the bottom 40 percent of Indonesians through ambitious national initiatives. It also outlined strategies for strengthening capacities of the local government and private sector to share the cost and responsibility for developing affordable housing options for all segments of the population.

Priorities for action included:

1: Developing and implementing a comprehensive slum upgrading program to improve the living conditions of residents in existing slums and informal settlements.

2: Redesigning public housing policy to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of spending on public rental, vertical and core/row housing solutions.

3: Strengthen the design of the home improvement subsidies, to broaden the number of beneficiaries reached and enable the crowding in of housing microfinance.

4: Enabling and expanding the market for the affordable housing and increase private sector participation in the low-cost formal housing market, by taking on a down-payment assistance approach and lowering costs of mortgage provision and housing supply targeted at lower-middle class.

5: Building robust delivery systems that enable central government to transfer responsibilities and strengthen local governments in execution of housing programs.

6: Securing urban land for housing through mobilization of under-utilized public land assets and regularization of tenure of slum and squatter settlements.

Aerial view of Indonesian city

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