Loebs and GSDers Introduce Laufen Manifesto for Humane Design

Anna Heringer wrote to alert us to the release of the Laufen Manifesto for a Humane Design Culture. It’s presented through the voices of design scholars and practitioners from around the world, including Loebs and friends: Andres Lepik (LF ’12), Christian Werthmann (former GSD chair of landscape architecture, Rahul Mehrotra (chair of urban planning and design), Christian Werthmann (former chair of department of landscape architecture), Martin Rauch (Austrian artist who collaborated on the Mudworks installation), Caroline James (MArch ‘14, Loeblogger and chair of Women in Development) and of course Anna Heringer (LF ’12), along with many others.

The idea for the Manifesto originated around the sofa at Doebele House and was spurred by the growing problem of too many people worldwide living in unsatisfactory conditions. It issues a Call to Action: design can help; in fact members of the design professions have the responsibility to work to restore equity. Pilot programs are happening; now we have to begin to scale up.

The Manifesto outlines a series of principles to guide further action:

  • Collaboration and dialogue to empower individuals and encourage creativity.
  • Meaningful work, based on decentralized production, entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Beauty, harmony and balance with nature.
  • Local and context-specific sourcing, production and markets for sustainable economies.
  • Strategic engagement of networks for influence and impact at increasing scale.
  • Improved education for designers to develop manual, digital and intellectual skills.
  • Policy change through global strategy that encourages transparency and connects top-down with bottom-up.
  • Economic efficiency. Investment by all sectors.
  • Growing the movement. Rethinking and reorganizing design disciplines to fully integrate policy, planning, design, construction and usage.

The case is compelling. Hear these ardent voices.

Stay in touch with the movement through the Laufen Manifesto Facebook page.

2 Responses to Loebs and GSDers Introduce Laufen Manifesto for Humane Design

  1. Miguel A. Vazquez, ACIP says:

    I applaud this visionary effort to stir the Designer’s blood towards a bold use of creativity to influence existing economic, political, social and environmental systems for a more just global society. As an urban planner working for the Public Health Department in Riverside County, California, USA, I am not only intimately familiar with the present and pressing challenges of having conversations about equity and design, but also about the vast opportunities that Humane Design can have at all levels of scale in design and planning practices. I highly encourage you to include in your manifesto language that explicitly expresses that design can also enhance our most valuable human asset: our health.

    I assure you the planners, public health practitioners and advocates working on the emerging Healthy Communities narrative would greatly value seeing that crucial statement as part of your manifesto.

    Miguel A. Vazquez, AICP

  2. hassan says:

    it’s a great initiative,will definitely like to be a part of this

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