Loeb Video Profile: Shahira Fahmy

Shahira Fahmy’s first job after architecture school was on a team surveying and mapping Cairo, where she learned a lot about her home city and how mapping both documents and reveals much about what’s coming next. Her Loeb year occurs at a time of personal exploration to determine how to use her knowledge of architecture for new directions. She’s already branched into product design; next perhaps film or theatre. Among her fellow Loebs she feels part of a team of explorers who, though from very different places, are grappling with similar questions and issues. Find out more in her Loeb Video Profile.

The Loeb Fellowship initiated the Video Profiles project in 2012 to enable current Loeb Fellows to tell their stories, what motivates them and how the Fellowship has been meaningful for their work. Maggie Janik, GSD Multimedia Producer, and Joanne Nerenberg, Loeb Affiliate ‘12, are directing the project.

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