Loeb Video Profile: Kolu Zigbi

When Kolu Zigbi visited her family in Liberia, she saw traditional methods of farming that remain relevant for agriculture today. She saw there was expertise and knowledge to be tapped from people without advanced degrees. And she had an epiphany: that we have the best shot at finding solutions to society’s challenges when everybody can have a seat at the decision-making table. Her connections with Loeb colleagues working on disparate issues like land trusts and the design dimensions of political change are expanding the bounds of her creativity. Watch her Loeb Video Profile.

The Loeb Fellowship initiated the Video Profiles project in 2012 to enable current Loeb Fellows to tell their stories, what motivates them and how the Fellowship has been meaningful for their work. Maggie Janik, GSD Multimedia Producer, and Joanne Nerenberg, Loeb Affiliate ‘12, are directing the project.

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