Loeb Video Profile: Jamie Blosser

Jamie Blosser understood what it means to be an outsider, as well as her own position of privilege, in a new and profound way when she moved from Philadelphia to live and work in the Zuni Pueblo. There, as in other native communities, the legacy of tribal exploitation makes trust a critical issue. Her Rose Fellowship at Ohkay Owingeh near Santa Fe further persuaded her that fundamentally, the community designer’s role is listening and dialogue. Finding a way to share resources and place, she believes, will be the key to our society’s resiliency.

The Loeb Fellowship initiated the Video Profiles project in 2012 to enable current Loeb Fellows to tell their stories, what motivates them and how the Fellowship has been meaningful for their work. Maggie Janik, GSD Multimedia Producer, and Joanne Nerenberg, Loeb Affiliate ‘12, are directing the project.

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