Loeb Video Profile: Eli Spevak

Eli Spevak thinks small is big. He’s frustrated by the trend of large homes that are not a good match for young families or empty nesters, and he’s dedicated his work to steering the housing market toward smaller homes that better meet the needs of the people who want to live there. Spevak’s company Orange Splot focusses on small co-housing developments that can nestle in existing residential communities.

He’s spending his time at the Fellowship planning his next professional step and how to maximize his impact while preserving work-life balance. Watch Spevak’s Video Profile.

The Loeb Fellowship initiated the Video Profiles project last year to enable current Loeb Fellows to tell their stories, what motivates them and how the Fellowship has been meaningful for their work. Joanne Nerenberg (Loeb Affiliate 2012) and Maggie Janik (GSD Presentation Services Specialist) are directing and executing the project.

Joanne Nerenberg is a dancer and documentary filmmaker who brings a love of movement to her video work. In 2000 she co-created move It!, a dance TV show for kids. Her film High Street Intersection won several awards, including Best of Festival at the Berkeley Film Festival. Her short documentary Body Job, a meditation on physicality in the workplace, won Best Documentary at the MOTION Film Festival. Nerenberg currently produces educational video for institutions including the American Museum of Natural History, New York Historical Society and Brooklyn Children’s Museum. She teaches dance at Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn.

Maggie Janik is Presentation Services and Technical Support Specialist in the GSD Computer Resources Group. She produced a prize-winning short documentary about the MudWorks project of the Loeb Class of 2012. Janik graduated from Rhode Island College and previously worked at the Rhode Island Office of Higher Education. She is currently working on a MA in Digital Media at the HU Extension School.

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