Landscape vs. Monument? Charles Birnbaum Weighs In

Landscape vs. Monument? Charles Birnbaum Weighs In

Charles Birnbaum (LF '98) has been reading between the lines of the competition guidelines for a World War I Memorial proposed for Pershing Park in Washington, DC. The park, designed by M. Paul Friedberg with plantings by Oehme van Sweden and Associates, was inaugurated in 1981 to great acclaim and is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, but it has been allowed to languish through deferred maintenance.

Birnbaum suspects the “language and budget translate to the demolition of the existing landscape and the construction of a new work,” and he issues a challenge to landscape architects who respond to the competition call to “honor the legacies of Friedberg and Oehme van Sweden.” Read “Can Parks and Memorials Happily Co-Exist?

Photo by Charles Birnbaum, 2015

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