Kolu Zigbi in the Spotlight

Kolu Zigbi in the Spotlight

Perhaps it’s because inequities in the food system are a hot topic at the moment, but the work of Kolu Zigbi (LF ’15) is receiving well deserved attention as she advances toward systemic change, one urban garden or farmers market at a time.

In the span of two months Zigbi received three awards. She was honored at the annual gala of the West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc., the oldest environmental justice organization in NYC, “for outstanding work which has led to increased democratic engagement and an understanding of diverse perspectives, which together, lead to healthy communities and a thriving planet for all.” She received the Food Justice Award from the Food Chain Workers Alliance. And at the BLK Projek’s Not Just Talk: #BlackMamaMagic conference, she received the inaugural Madam CJ Walker Award, which honors black women “fighting for the betterment of struggling black communities.”

With all this and a profile in Inside Philanthropy, Zigbi’s Doebele Curve has been going up, up, up.

Photo courtesy of WE ACT.
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