John Werner Joins Meta

John Werner Joins Meta

John WernerJohn Werner (LF '09) has joined the executive team of Meta as vice president of Strategic Partnerships, leaving the MIT Media Lab where he has been head of Innovation and New Ventures of the Camera Culture Group since 2013. Werner “absolutely loved working at the MIT Media Lab,” and is now eager to bring his network and experience pioneering innovative technology to help Meta grow in the field of augmented reality. He writes:

As one who has made it my business to think into the future, I am very excited about Meta's technology, the DNA of which is neuroscience–science of the brain. I am excited to merge the best and brightest thinkers of the East Coast (Media Lab) with Silicon Valley and the world to help create an entirely new computing paradigm, a vector of real change for a new society Meta strives to exceed expectations of what Augmented Reality can be–and do–in the future. Meta is designing a future where augmented reality becomes a healthy, vital extension of who we are and creates deeper understanding, freer expression, and optimal productivity.

Werner was a founding member of the nonprofit Citizen Schools, which brought him to the attention of the Loeb Fellowship, and an active member, initiator, and curator of the TED community. He was founding managing director of the Emerging Worlds Special Interest Group at the MIT Media Lab and focussed particularly on addressing big challenges of global health and accessibility to health care.

Hear Werner’s excitement about his association with Meta in his own words.

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