John Peterson Interviews Jennifer Yoos and Vince James, AIA Firm Award Winners

The architectural firm VJAA has won acclaim for creating designs uniquely attuned to geography, climate, history, and culture. John Peterson (LF 2006 and founder and president of Public Architecture) talks with principals Jennifer Yoos (LF 2003) and Vince James (former adjunct professor of design at the GSD), about the pioneering work that earned them the American Institute of Architects highest honor, 2012 Firm of the Year.

VJAA conducts intensive research for each project, which enables the firm to incorporate new technologies that modulate sound, light and ambient climate and to model energy projections for sustainability. “VJAA has perfected the art of envisioning its buildings as vehicles to fully and truly experience a place,” wrote Zach Mortice in AIArchitect.

See another video about VJAA’s work

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