Job Openings at NYCEDC

Job Openings at NYCEDC

New York City's primary organization for strengthening businesses, growing jobs, and helping neighborhoods thrive, the NYC Economic Development Corporation, has announced 4 positions open in its Real Estate Transaction Services Group: Associate, Assistant Vice President, Vice President, and Senior Vice President.

The Real Estate Transaction Services Group is the city's primary department for financial analysis, structuring and the execution of real estate and economic development transactions. RETS promotes economic development, jobs, and revenue generation through the development of surplus property and the application of incentives such as tax and energy benefits, bonds and other financing structures, and grants, in partnership with the private sector. Additionally, RETS structures and negotiates key deals on behalf of the city and includes the Industrial Development Agency and Capital Resource Corporation .

The Job Openings section of the NYCEDC website has the specific job postings.

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