Inga Saffron on Private Control of Public Spaces

Inga Saffron on Private Control of Public Spaces

Private investment in public park assets is being seen as a win-win situation for budget-challenged urban areas, and indeed it has worked well for existing jewels like Central Park in NYC. But as Inga Saffron (LF ’12) points out in her commentary in the New Republic, there’s a downside as well. Private investment and management, such as Barry Diller has proposed for Pier 54 in NY, are not an option for poor neighborhoods. Saffron writes, “the billionaire’s island, as some New Yorkers have called the project, is the latest, most extreme example of how big money and business elites are warping the way America’s urban parks are funded, widening the amenities gap between rich and poor neighborhoods.”

Read her thoughtful critique in “America's Billionaires Are Turning Public Parks Into Playgrounds for the Wealthy.”

Photo by Mike Peel
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