India Journal: the Artists' Hand

Loeb Fellows Maria Jaakkola and Thaddeus Pawlowski are the kind of designers that walk around with little black sketchbooks. Their drawings provide an alternative view of the Extreme Urbanism trip to Agra, filtered through the artist's eye.

While some people prefer to take snapshots with a camera,  Thad Pawlowski and I like to experience new places through the movement of pen on paper. It's a way of being in the world and relating to surroundings through a medium that is a direct link between eye, mind and hand. I have elaborated my pictorial travel journals into a second career, and Thad uses this method in his work as an architect–a rare skill in the world of digital interface.
We appreciate the beauty of fleeting moments in space and time, of detail as well as light and atmosphere of urban landscapes. Traveling as we were with the Loebs and the Extreme Urbanism group, these sketches couldn't take too many minutes to make. We were inspired to notice that our endeavors encouraged some others to take out their sketchbooks. There aren't many activities more enjoyable than concentrating in this meditative act together with others that share the passion.
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