India Journal: Media Coverage of Extreme Urbanism

Far-flung media are following the progress of the Loebs and GSD students in the Extreme Urbanism studio in India. A copy of the Times of India was spotted at Shaheen’s elbow in the Chauhaus, with an article about the studio’s work on the Taj Corridor in Agra. And Loeb Gísli Marteinn Baldursson recorded a segment from Agra for the Iceland National Broadcasting Services.

He trains his lens on the disconnect between the beauty of the Taj Mahal and the poverty that surrounds it. He did his dubbing in the Taj Ganj, where the craftsmen and builders of the Taj Mahal lived and where their ancestors still live.

During the show, Baldursson interviewed Rahul Mehrotra (professor and chair of Urban Planning and Design) and finds a direct connection to an ongoing discussion in Iceland about how to pay for preservation and building of facilities for the country’s most popular tourist sites. The sites are currently free, but there are insufficient resources to maintain them.

Listen to Baldursson’s set-up about 40 minutes in if you understand Icelandic or to Mehrotra’s thoughtful comments at 45 minutes 39 seconds and at 47 minutes 21 seconds.

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