India Journal: Critical Conservation Reports, Day 9

Noor Boushehri, Maria Letizia Garzoli, Elad Horn, Yunjie Li, Marcus Goodwin and Jane Philbrick, all first-year Masters of Design Studies Critical Conservation students, joined the Loeb Fellows and GSD colleagues in India for Rahul Mehrotra's Extreme Urbanism: Planning for Conservation option studio. The LOEBlog is featuring their impressions from the trip. 

Old Delhi: Xtreme Mobility

We concluded our trip with a visit to Delhi. What better way than sightseeing the old city zigzagging on a rickshaw? Old Dehli is a carousel of people, colors, sounds and history, and we became part of it dancing in the traffic. In the Crafts Museum we could have a bite of the many other types of iconography India can offer besides the Mughal monumental gardens. More suggestions, and more destinations to reach for the future. However, our next stop now is the GSD, looking forward to making a case for people's heritage conservation in Agra.

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