Hillary Brown’s Approach to Infrastuctural Ecologies

infrastructural ecologies coverHillary Brown’s second book Infrastructural Ecologies: Alternative Development Models for Emerging Economies was published by MIT Press this June.  In it, Brown and coauthor Byron Stigge propose strategies for developing nations to design water, energy, sanitation, and waste handling services that are holistic and integrated, resilient and sustainable, economical and equitable. The book features case studies of exemplary projects undertaken in nonindustrialized nations. The result is an infrastructural ecology that is more analogous to the functioning of natural ecosystems.

The coauthors met at the GSD when Stigge was getting his masters in environmental planning during Brown’s 2000 Loeb Fellowship. Brown heads this fall to Sydney to keynote at the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects annual conference.  There she’ll be connecting with Helen Lochhead (LF '14), now dean at the University of New South Wales.

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