Hillary Brown Rethinks America’s Infrastructure

Hillary Brown Rethinks America’s Infrastructure

While President Obama’s plea to Congress to invest in fixing the nation’s decrepit infrastructure apparently fell on deaf ears, Hillary Brown (LF ’99) may meet with better success. She issued her call to arms in her new book, Next Generation Infrastructure: Principles for Post-Industrial Public Works, published by Island Press (where her editor is Heather Boyer–LF ’05).

Brown argues that even in the absence of federal will we can reduce our carbons, protect our resources, plan for climate change and improve our milieu, all while saving money and reaping greater social benefits. And she has case studies to prove that innovation is already happening in some areas of the country. Brown establishes 5 guiding principles to achieving holistic solutions and even suggests funding models for public-private partnerships at the state and local levels.

Get a taste for her solutions on her blog, or dig into the new book.

View what News 4 NY had to say about the book.

Photo of Mississippi River Bridge collapse, 2007, courtesy of US Coast Guard

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