Happy Birthday Streetsblog!

Ten years ago, Aaron Naparstek (LF ’12), along with Mark Gorton and videographer Clarence Eckerson, set about to shake up the status quo that privileged motor vehicles over every other form of transportation and put pedestrians and bikers at risk daily on the streets of NYC. Their secret weapons were Streetsblog–a readable, no-punches-pulled dive into facts and data–and Streetfilms, which together introduced a new vision of ownership for the streets.

In the years since Streetsblog’s launch, NYC has acquired protected bike lanes and plazas in places as varied as Jackson Heights and Times Square. More people bike and fewer lose their lives in traffic each year. And Streetsblog has expanded across the country with local reporters in other cities, states, and regions and a national network.

The organizations will celebrate their 10-year anniversary with a benefit on November 14, and details will be posted on Streetsblog, where you can also track further efforts to create more people-friendly environments in NY and other cities .

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