Goulston & Storrs, Real Estate Group

In my land use law practice, I focus on helping project proponents gain site control and entitlements from public agencies for all kinds of urban projects—market-oriented developments, affordable and mixed-income housing, and facilities and master plans for museums, hospitals, colleges and universities, including Harvard. I tend to think of it–maybe a little grandly–as helping our city succeed, one project at a time.

I remain involved with the Boston Municipal Research Bureau, a good government think tank, after a three-year term as board chair, and I’ve recently helped launch the Emerald Network, an initiative to link Boston’s incomparable (but incomplete) legacy of greenways into a seamless network. I teach, speak and write regularly on land use planning and policy, and I’m lucky to collaborate regularly with other Fellows in the Loeb-rich environment of Boston.

Twenty years after my fellowship year, I’m still doing my best to use the opportunity it gave me to think bigger.

Contact Information:
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
United States