Founder, Ideas and Action

My company is “Ideas and Action.” Trained as an urban planner I have worked in the field of community development and finance for over 20 years. With degrees in Political Economics (U.C. Berkeley, B.A. 1989) and Urban Planning (UCLA, M.A. 1992) I have worked collaboratively to develop or finance over 2,000 units totaling more than $400 million in total development costs. Having worked for for-profit and nonprofit organizations, consulting firms and investment banks I am committed to community development and affordable housing. I engage students and communities having taught courses on real estate and housing policy in the Syracuse School of Architecture and implementing initiatives at UPSTATE: in collaboration with City, State and University partners. A Harvard Loeb Fellow for the 2014-15 year at the Graduate School of Design, I consult with architects, planners, nonprofit organizations and others throughout the United States.

Marc Norman’s Loeb video profile.

Contact Information:
San Francisco, California
United States