Journalist & Senior Fellow, Regional Plan Association
Regional Plan Association

My last book is The Surprising Design of Market Economies, which is about Infrastructure in the largest sense of the word. I show how governments build our economy and culture through physical, legal, educational and other types of infrastructure, and calls for a more democratic conversation about those choices. When not writing books I write a regular column for Governing Magazine on economic development and transportation. I write occasionally for Metropolis, Bloomberg View, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times, Atlantic Cities and other publications. I teach about infrastructure and urban design, most recently at the Architecture school of The New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. I continue to be a Senior Fellow at Regional Plan Association in New York City, where I have an office and colleagues. On the personal side, I take care of my son Max, born in 2004, and work to get his mother and my spouse Kristi to take care of me!

Contact Information:
Brooklyn, New York
United States