Dumbarton Oaks Announces Mellon Initiative in Urban Landscape Studies

Dumbarton Oaks Announces Mellon Initiative in Urban Landscape Studies

Dumbarton Oaks has created a new interdisciplinary program in urban landscape studies, adding significantly to the existing program in Garden and Landscape Studies. Of particular interest for designers, academics and senior practitioners will be semester-long fellowships and shorter-term residencies.

Under the direction of John Beardsley and made possible by a major grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the program will bring together landscape architects and historians to explore how urban environments got to be the way they are and how best to manage them today.  A series of academic events will create a framework for interactions among these scholars and practitioners and other humanities scholars, and a series of public programs–lectures, colloquia, workshops, and publications–will be designed to disseminate the initiative’s work.

The project’s themes encompass a wide range of cultures and topics that acknowledge the current importance of sustainability, adaptability, and resilience and promote greater historical awareness of these concepts. The aim is to advance an understanding of cities as landscape systems and enlarge the discourse of landscape urbanism.

Dumbarton Oaks is a research institute of Harvard University and one of the few institutions in the world with a garden and landscape studies program targeted at fostering constructive dialogue between humanities scholars and landscape practitioners. To nurture this interchange, Dumbarton Oaks will encourage collaborative applications for the new fellowships and seek candidates with demonstrated capacity for cross-disciplinary work. Learn more details about the initiative.

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