Designing Spaces to Flourish

Designing Spaces to Flourish

Imagine a built environment that improves the health, healthcare and quality of life for those using it and that actually improves over time. Dr. Wayne Ruga (LF '99) has pioneered that vision for a decade and a half by applying the “generative space” concept to healthcare through the Caritas Project. Each year, the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo offers programs that provide learning resources about generative space. Ruga has written about the most recent activities designed to grow the movement in “Generative Space Week Recap.”

There’s also an opportunity to be recognized for your own wellbeing-enhancing design project. The Generative Space Award recognizes breakthrough designs that integrate physical and social environments to improve health and healthcare. Learn about the entry requirements in time to submit an entry form by June 15.

Photo: Philadelphia University students at student healthcare charrette in Chicago, 2015, from Medical Construction and Design website.
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