Design Competition to Help Boston Thrive with Rising Sea Levels

Design Competition to Help Boston Thrive with Rising Sea Levels

The City of Boston has announced an international design competition for climate preparedness to be held this fall, to generate creative solutions to prepare 3 at-risk waterfront sites in Boston for current coastal flood risks and future sea-level-rise.

The announcement coincides with the release of a report by the Boston Harbor Association and Sasaki Associates that focuses on urban design solutions to sea level rise resulting from climate change. Sea level in Boston has risen by a foot over the last century, and it is projected to rise another 2 to 6 feet by the end of the century. As sea levels rise and chronic flooding becomes the “new normal,” cities are moving to more flexible, resilient solutions. The report and competition will help Boston identify design opportunities to manage chronic flooding while providing benefits such as new recreation areas, marsh habitat, and more livable communities.

Get details of the competition as they become available from the BRA website and the Boston Harbor Association website.

Read the report “Designing with Water: Creative Examples from Around the Globe.”

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