Deanna VanBuren in the LA Times

Deanna VanBuren’s (LF’13) restorative justice project, “Designing Justice Designing Spaces,” which she refined during her Loeb year, is gaining traction. The LA Times has taken notice.

With her partner Barbara Toews, a conflict transformation practitioner, researcher and educator, VanBuren has had lectures and conference appearances to engage peace and justice practitioners and advocates, architects & designers, mediators, social workers and corrections professionals. Peacemaking centers designed with broad community input in Oakland and Syracuse (where incoming Loeb Marc Norman helped facilitate) will be laboratories for the effectiveness of the new approaches. Most importantly, workshops in prisons and jails in Pennsylvania and California have road-tested the restorative justice design toolkit with prime stakeholders: incarcerated men and women.

Read “What kind of prison might the inmates design?

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