Deanna Van Buren: Like an Aspen

Deanna Van Buren: Like an Aspen

Deanna Van Buren’s (LF ' 13) projects have the tendency to send out runners and grow new forms, even before they’re fully mature. While continuing to conduct prison workshops that apply design to restorative justice, Van Buren was approached by the founders of 5 Keys Charter Schools–a program that attacks the prison recidivism rate with education–to transform 3 municipal buses into a school on wheels and mobile safe house for women and vulnerable inmates released during the night. To fund the initiative she applied for and secured a Rauschenberg Artist as Activist Fellowship.

From there it was a short leap to the concept for Pop Up Resource Village in the Bayview Hunters Point community in San Francisco, with medical busses, food trucks, and other community amenities, harnessing the zeitgeist of ephemeral enterprise to fuel urban renewal. View the video to hear Van Buren explain this disruptive enterprise, and read her Design Bridger blog.

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