David Kamp awarded honorary fellowship by University College Falmouth

Elizabeth & Nona Evans Restorative Garden at the  Cleveland Botanical Garden

Elizabeth & Nona Evans Restorative Garden at the Cleveland Botanical Garden

David Kamp (LF 1996) was in Cornwall, UK, in September to receive an honorary fellowship from the University College Falmouth. The award, which recognizes the efforts and achievements of individuals who have served their discipline with particular distinction, acknowledges David’s distinguished career in the field of landscape architecture.

Building upon the concept that we are all partners in creating and maintaining health, David spoke at the award ceremony about the importance of design in shaping individual and collective choices that promote health and make our communities more vibrant, resilient and equitable. College rector and chief executive Anne Carlisle addressed the graduates and praised Kamp’s work, “We hope that you will be inspired by the professional achievements of our guest of honor.”

Kamp founded Dirtworks in 1995, and it has grown to be an internationally recognized and award-winning landscape architecture firm. It was grounded initially in the enhancement of personal health, and Kamp often designed landscapes for individuals with complex medical needs. His design solutions emphasize a close connection to nature and the restorative quality of the natural environment. Over the years his work has encompassed an ever-larger conception of health, including community and environment

Photo courtesy of Dirtworks

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