Creating the Riverside Drive Memory Park

Recreational spaces that are welcoming to fragile elders as well as active adults and children are almost unheard of. But creating such a "Memory Park” was just the aim when 5 loeb fellows joined forces with a community activist, a parks department landscape architect and an Alzheimer’s expert in the Upper West Side of NYC.

The project got off to a sound start with a Loeb Alumni Council grant. During 4 days of charrettes, John Zeisel (LF 1971), David Kamp (LF 1996), Jerry Pucillo (LF 1989), Ross Miller (LF 1993) and Charles McKinney (LF 1994) and friends developed a diagramatic design of the Memory Park and an implementation plan for shepherding the project through community boards, local politicians, and the NYC Parks Department. The approach was designed with awareness that the next phase will require major political management.

The project includes plans for a Memory Park Design Guidebook and website to encourage other cities to undertake similar projects. Read the Alumni Council Grant report.

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  1. The Memory Park concept is amazing. I hope you’re right and we see other cities adopt projects like this.

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