Cream Rising: Harriet Tregoning got a promotion

Cream Rising: Harriet Tregoning got a promotion

It’s good news for us all when highly capable people rise up the ladder of responsibility in national agencies. Harriet Tregoning writes in about her promotion:

This week, I am assuming a new role at HUD, leading the Office of Community Planning and Development as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary. It is an honor to have been appointed by Secretary Castro to serve HUD in this position. The Office of Community Planning and Development is responsible for helping to create viable communities, decent housing, and expand economic opportunity for low and moderate income individuals by promoting integrated approaches and cross-sector partnerships.  The Office of Economic Resilience’s Sustainable Communities Initiative is one part of this extensive portfolio, which also includes the Community Development Block Grant Program, Disaster Recovery, HOME Investment Partnerships Program, and ambitious programs to address homelessness and other special needs.

This is a great opportunity to take what I have learned through my experience with the Sustainable Communities Initiative, and my other positions in federal, state and local government, to a broader scale. As our grantees reflect on their collective accomplishments under the SCI program and pivot to implementation, I too will be applying those lessons learned to ensure we have an agency-wide effort that supports local innovation.

Kudos, Harriet!

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