Urban Park Rebirth

Urban Park Rebirth

Charles Birnbaum likes what he sees as he surveys the state of urban parks. He characterized some of his current favorites, which he called “new,” “radical,” even “revolutionary,” in a recent article for the Huffington Post. We are experiencing a heyday for parks, he contends, because of forward thinking officials, savvy and resourceful advocates and supporters, and heightened public interest and involvement. Read “Urban Parks: From Dumping Grounds to Centers of Energy.”

Photo courtesy  of Kate Anderson.
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2 Responses to Urban Park Rebirth

  1. Andy says:

    I experienced an urban park while on vacation in Manhattan, NY. They turned quite a long length of old train track into a garden. It’s stunning. Runs right between apartments and through the city. Breathtaking.

  2. FY says:

    I have to agree that urban parks and landscaping design must be brought under the spotlight when a municipality is planning its space.

    Green spaces need to be a part of urban zoning and design to achieve a balance of quality living, community, and economic development. Some cities have very limited space. Then perhaps initiate rooftop gardens to re-incorporate the trees back onto the map.

    I do landscaping and tree care service for a living, and often time I wonder about the effects of my work on the breathability of the city.

    I like this article and its points to re-energizing cities with urban parks. Provide more community gardens, offer seed bombs, plant and plant! I cut down one, and I plant one. It is only then can we help to combat climate change.

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