Split Personality: Cathleen McGuigan on Detroit

Split Personality: Cathleen McGuigan on Detroit

In a recent issue of ArchDigest, Cathleen McGuigan (LF 1993) ponders the reality of 2 Detroits: one a hip, energetic revitalization effort benefitting from a history of innovation. The other Detroit includes the most marginalized citizens living in poverty and isolation.

Since 2010, The Detroit Works Project, with wide community input, has been formulating a bold plan for the city which was unveiled earlier this year. The plan is predicated on the mutual interest of city and region. The city’s bankruptcy, catastrophic for so many people, is also making apparent what needs fixing. Many observers believe it will take a collaborative effort to succeed.

Says Dan Pitera ( LF 2005), the director of the Detroit Works Project’s civic engagement team, "We have to think regionally, with regional transit, regional water, regional services. Many people in the suburbs are seeing Detroit differently. I think there’s been a shift in the last 10 years to an understanding that there is interconnectivity.”

This fall the Bruner Loeb Forum will apply the experience of Loeb Fellows and Rudy Bruner Award winners to the problems and potential of Detroit. More information coming soon. 

Read "A Tale of Two Detroits” by Cathleen McGuigan in ArchDigest.

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