Can the US learn from Poynton?

Can the US learn from Poynton?

People are fascinated by the way Ben Hamilton-Baillie’s (LF '01) counterintuitive traffic-calming measures in Poynton, UK, have enabled true street-sharing by pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles. But trying to imagine it working in the US brings out the naysayers of every constituency. They assert that drivers won’t slow down, accessibility for visually and hearing challenged people will be compromised, inexperienced cyclists will be intimidated, kids won’t be safe…and so on.

Happily, Traffic Safety Store reports, “An unofficial DIY movement to forge pedestrian-friendly space is creeping up throughout the country.” New Loeb Andrew Howard and his Team Better Block are among the enablers. Read “Make Murals Not Mayhem: How Art Makes Us Better Drivers” for some inventive strategies.

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